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How It Works

Maintain a healthy posture

Sitting with no or inappropriate support can cause significant issues to your back, neck, shoulders and even heart & lungs.

When you’re in alignment, your 8 to 10-pound head feels weightless. However, with every inch that your head moves forward out of alignment, tension stress and gravity cause your head to effectively double in weight. This creates headaches, back pain, neck pain, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and difficulty sleeping.

Sitting with only low back support can tilt the hips forward and tends to weaken the core and upper back muscles.

Why BackBone Cushion

BackBone addresses the root cause of these problems: improper posture. This innovative cushion rests on the middle of your back between your shoulder blades, so it supports your entire back and encourages a normal, natural curve.

It places your head and neck in a better position and relieves tension down your arms from your shoulders to your hands. It even helps with lower back problems. Sitting with support along the midline creates activation of all the core muscles in a neutral position.

Want to hear more about how good posture can maintain more than a healthy back? Check out this news segment that gives additional information and perspective to our posture.

All in All - The BackBone is the B.E.S.T.!


The BackBone improves your BREATHING. It supports the rib-cage where the ribs attach and lift the ribcage off of your diaphragm. That means that the air can flow into your lungs more easily. Research shows that breathing better allows you to pay more attention, work more productively, and even live longer.


The BackBone ELONGATES your torso. It helps the neck and shoulders to fall in line with your spine. That means that you have less pressure on your spine, you can spread nutrition better to your muscles, and your muscles become less fatigued as you sit in the same place for too long.


The BackBone Cushion also improves your SPINE HEALTH. Better posture helps to align your spinal column, decrease your muscle fatigue, decrease your back pain, and decrease your risk of pinched nerves.


The BackBone Cushion helps to improve your core muscle TONE. It provides a gentle reminder for you to use correct posture. As you sit upright and receive feedback about your posture, your core stomach and back muscles will gradually develop the muscle memory to hold you in this improved position even when you aren’t using the cushion!

All of these benefits contribute to a body that is at less risk for muscle fatigue, pain, strain and damages that we impose upon ourselves as we sit in poor positions throughout our work day.