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Why It’s Unique

The BACKBONE cushion doesn’t just help you sit more comfortably, it also reduces fatigue, reduces muscle tension, activates your core muscles for permanent change and makes you look & feel skinner as well as more confident.

Unlike other cushions on the market, the BACKBONE cushion supports the spine from the middle instead of the low back.  This effortlessly engages your core muscles so that your head, shoulders, and hips align.  It has a unique, patented THORACIC groove technology that no other product has.  This disperses pressure away from the spine and increases firing of your core muscles to strengthen as you sit. Its closed cell, therapeutic foam is specifically contoured and shaped to support the curves of the spine without blocking the shoulder blades or pushing you forward out of alignment. It has a double strap system with quick release buckles that make it light, versatile and easy to carry.

Consider the other cushions on the market that only support a small area of your back or push you forward because they don’t make room for the shoulder blades. Some are heavy and cumbersome. Others fit well in one location but can’t be transported between the car or plane seat. Low back rolls encourage the body to lean back but then you’re pulled away from what you’re working on. This causes increased stress along the upper back as you lean or reach forward. Exercise balls and foam rolls require you to take time away from your work.  The BACKBONE cushion strengthens your core while you work!

The BACKBONE cushion isn’t just another back support.  It is research tested, patient approved option that will create permanent change in your body.  This is your opportunity to start doing something about your health instead of ending your days with aches and pains that make you feel old.