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Why Choose a BBC?

Live better and enjoy product solutions created by an orthopedic physical therapist

Our BACKBONE cushions reduce pain, stress and pressure through patented upright positioning

Our cushions are:

Ergonomically designed, by an orthopedic physical therapist, to ease the stress our bodies experience every day by bad seating designs.

Support your spine vertically instead of horizontally, like most old-school designs.

Passive assistance to your core muscles that can reduce muscle fatigue and tension while allowing them to more efficiently co-contract to keep you upright and balanced. (think taller and skinnier!)

Patented with THORACIC groove technology which disperses pressure away from the spine and increases firing of your core muscles to strengthen as you sit.

Designed with therapeutically contoured foam to support the natural curves of your spine without blocking the shoulder blades or pushing you forward like full back cushions tend to.

Designed with both double and single strap systems as well as  quick release buckles making them light, versatile and easy to carry.

Research tested by A&M grad students supporting its comfort and versatility, reduced back fatigue and stronger core engagement.

2017 Innovation Award from Family Choice Awards

Made in the USA