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Your Home Office Back Cushion During Covid-19

Working from home may be your new norm and we are finding out it’s a pain in more than one way!  If you can’t take your ergonomic chair home with you and you end up working at the counter, kitchen table or sofa, you may be feeling the impact.  Do you find yourself rubbing your neck, having more neck and back pain? Headaches? Chronic pain often sneaks up on us slowly but there is a simple solution to prevent back pain and neck pain. The BackBone Cushion is here to help and can adapt your home chairs to be more comfortable while you’re working from home. We know financial stress shouldn’t be a reason to not take care of yourself so Backbone Cushion company is taking 20% off your first order. Use code FB20 for the first and only cushion you’ll ever need to make your back feel better.

Did you know

1″ of forward head position effectively doubles the weight of your head.

An adult human head weighs 8-10 pounds. Think about having 20-30+ pounds needing to be supported by your neck all day long. After a while, everything caves forward and leaves you with unnecessary aches and pain that are totally avoidable.

The Backbone Cushion, supported by doctors and physical therapists around the country, agree that this is an efficient, cost effective back support that minimizes posture stressors and reduces aches, pains and strains.


Don’t go home feeling the effects of a day at the office –

Come home feeling refreshed


“…the road is a lonely place” –

It’s not a painful one though.  Stop your driving fatigue.


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We are proud to be a supporter of the efforts to find a cure for breast cancer and help those during post-op find ways to maintain optimal health.

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