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Pain management Solutions….Welcome to the Backbone Cushion Company

Do you have these symptoms of back exhaustion?

Burning. Aching. Throbbing….all these could be a sign that you’re not working in alignment.  Chronic pain often sneaks up on us when we least expect it. Working from home and not having your normal office set up could be just the straw that breaks your “proverbial” back.  The BackBone Cushion is here to help. Whether you need a more comfortable chair or just a reminder to sit back when you work, our cushions can help reduce your pain and improve your productivity.

How are we different?

We support the spine in its natural, upright alignment instead of horizontally like most on the market

We have a groove in the middle which redirects pressure away from your spine

The feedback from the cushion reminds you to sit up in a better alignment instead of slouching to one side

It acts as an active assistance in engaging your core muscles and helps you stay strong and tall

It’s easy to place, easy to use and versatile in your office, home, car or plane.

The Backbone Cushion, supported by doctors and physical therapists around the country, agree that this is an efficient, cost effective back support that can reduce your back pain and get you back to feeling great!


Reduce your back pain and improve your productivity!


Enjoy the journey again!

Antimicrobial Cushion

Same great features with new vinyl, antimicrobial, wipeable cover. Great for use in labs, hospitals and shared offices.

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